9 Things Bridesmaids Don't Realize Annoy the Bride

Whether you're a first-time bridesmaid, or have 27 dresses hanging up in the back of your closet, it's good to keep in mind bridal-party faux pas, so we chatted with real brides to find out their pet peeves. Here are nine things you didn't realize were annoying the bride in your life, plus practical tips for avoiding these mistakes.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Eileen on Wedding Chicks via Lover.ly

1. Being MIA

Why it's annoying: By not responding to emails, missing showers, or skipping out on favor-making night, you are slacking on your duty to support the bride and might make her regret asking you in the first place.

How to avoid it: You don't need to drop everything else in your life to be a bridesmaid, but you should make it a priority. It doesn't take much effort to reply enthusiastically to her emails with wedding details, and if you can't make a shower or bachelorette party, go the extra mile and send along a gift or card after picking up the phone to tell her why you won't be able to make it.