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50 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding receptions may hog most of the attention, but the ceremony is ultimately the most important part of the day. Whether you’re saying your vows in a traditional church or at a casual backyard gathering, there are plenty of ways to make the proceedings more personal and entertaining for your guests. Here, steal some inspiration from these couples and their unforgettable ceremonies.


25 Creative Lounge Areas

One of the hottest growing wedding trends, lounge seating provides not only a spot for guests to mingle away from the chaos of the crowd or to gather and comfortably sip on drinks during cocktail hour but also serves as a way for you to accentuate your wedding theme. Play up your color palette, mix and match pillows, or find a new function for your furniture. Whether your reception is outdoors or indoors, these original lounge areas will serve up a dose of inspiration.


50 Cost-Cutting Wedding Swaps

Every wedding choice that you make adds up! Here, wedding professionals share their favorite swaps for slashing hundreds, if not thousands, off your final tally. Pick and choose what’s most important to the two of you (and what you can live without).