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Dreamy Designer Dresses (and Their Budget Friendly Counterparts)

Walking down the aisle in that gorgeous Alexander McQueen worn by Kate Middleton would be the icing on your wedding cake, but it could also topple your wedding budget. For some brides, indulging in a designer gown is a non-negotiable expense. For others, splurging on a wedding dress may be tempting enough to cut corners on other important wedding items. But, we think we’ve found a solution so you can have your cake and (designer-inspired) wedding dress, too.


The Prettiest Dance Floors We've Ever Seen

The dance floor is the focal point of most receptions — why not get the most bang for your décor buck by decking it out? Create a jaw-dropping effect with a decorative canopy or DIY-friendly objects suspended from the ceiling. On the flip side, you could emphasize the floor with light-projected patterns, monograms, or checkered tiling. Check out 50 designs that are the stuff of wedding fantasies!


30 Creative Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

What guests will remember most about your wedding isn’t how it looked but how it made them feel — the moving ceremony, the final send-off, and all of the fun revelries in between. You already know the importance of delicious food and a rocking band or DJ, but there are lots of out-of-the-box ways to leave your mark on guests, from ceremony musicians to live painters and budget-friendly games to splurge-worthy surprises. Browse some unique entertainment ideas that we’ve spotted at real weddings!


50 Fairy Tale Floral Arrangements

While picturing your wedding, does the phrase “fairy tale” come to mind? Floral décor can up the magic in a variety of ways, from luxurious bouquets to dramatic arches to centerpieces that seem to have fallen out of a storybook. Flowers can bring your fairytale pinterest board to a whole new level and leave guests stunned. Here are a few examples of fairy tale florals that will make your friends and family feel transported to Once Upon a Time.